The BILLET ENFORCER starts from a custom extruded piece of 6061-T6 aluminum and is produced on a 4-axis machining center. The raised boosters are also machined from 6061-T6 aluminum which allows us to better channel fuel around the entire diameter of the booster. This along with raising the exit point of the fuel in the booster helps stop fuel slosh out of the booster on launch, and when going on the throttle stop. Having these parts CNC machined from billet allows us to make any changes necessary without casting limitations. The billet material also adds strength, eliminating warped or broken main bodies. The fully CNC machined main body is hard anodized after machining to eliminate any corrosion problems, and makes for a good looking carburetor for years to come. The throttle shaft bushings are made from an oil impregnated bronze to make for smooth throttle transition, and eliminate throttle sticking off idle. The standard 7-9/16 x 5-3/8 hood scoop tray mounting flange is integrated into the carburetor which eliminates the need to run a plate below the carburetor which creates a much cleaner setup. The externally adjustable linkage is Teflon coated, and is made of 304 stainless steel hardware making it strong and corrosion free. These features along with our billet metering blocks, Teflon coated large window sight glass bowls, screw on jet extensions, and a notched float, makes this what we believe to be the best value the carburetor industry has seen.

Here is what our customers that have tested them had to say:

Scott Duggins @ PAR Racing Engines.
“We’ve seen a gain of over 20hp going from a good 1250 to the BILLET ENFORCER 1250.”

Brett Nesbitt @ Nesbitt Racing Engines
“Unbelievable quality with a 12hp average gain and 15hp peak gain from our best carb of the same size.”

2X NHRA National champion Luke Bogacki
“For as long as I’ve been racing, APD has been at the forefront of carburetor and fuel system innovation specifically for sportsman drag racing. They’re always coming up with new ideas and designing, developing, and perfecting new products to increase quality, save weight, improve performance, and/or provide added consistency. These new billet main bodies and bowls are just another example of APD’s continued commitment to excellence within our form of competition.”

Todd Ewing @ Hunstville Engine
“Dyno testing with the APD 2.400 billet has shown us 30-50hp over our baseline dyno carb.”
Matt Driskell @ Driskell Racing Engines
“The ENFORCER series are more consistent from carburetor to carburetor. They have amazing throttle response and have fixed problems we didn’t even know existed. We have had two drivers of circle track cars run the ENFORCER with billet bowls and said they felt like they had a different motor in the car.”

Joe Jolly @ Sunset Performance
“The APD Billet series has been great for Sunset Performance Engines. Depending on the application and cfm needs of the engine, we have seen anywhere from 10-40 bolt on hp, and at the same time being very tunable for the end user.”

Tommy Phillips @ Philco Race Services
“The new BILLET ENFORCER 1175 has been a bolt on success. Little if any tuning has been required to make great throttle stop runs. The CNC billet body has eliminated any inconsistencies from carburetor to carburetor, and the raised boosters have made the transition going on the stop much smoother.